Monday, September 6, 2010

What Started Good Doesn't Always End Good

Yeah, as in this holiday weekend. Didn't turn out as planned, I'm pretty bummed out about it, won't go into all the DRAMATIC details, I'll spare you of that.

But it is my favorite time of year. Fall is always like a new beginning to me, I guess because of school starting. Now it's my grandkids going back to school.  But it's always been like a new beginning for me also.  Maybe I should say changes. Need to end my summer "holiday" and go back to work!  I was dreading it, but maybe it'll be a good change. I love when the color of the leaaves change,  That last bit of  Indian Summer right around the corner.

If anyone has been following this blog, (probably got tired of no updates), I will be updating more often, in fact going to try to do a little side business of my cards, calendars, albums, etc. See if I have enough time.  Wish I could do that instead of going back to a job job. I bought a Zutter Binding System the other day at target, half-price, yoo hoo. I'm thinking of doing a recipe book first for family with some of my grandmother's old recipes we came across. And there's a few mini albums I'd like to do. I can make my own covers now thanks to my Zutter!!  I'll post them when finished.  Of course, I have no idea how to go about promoting my stuff.  Facebook, word of mouth, advertising, blogspot???? 

Anyone out there in blogger land have any ideas.  I think I'll post more tomorrow on fall CHANGES......

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