Friday, January 29, 2010

Those Damn Beetles

I thought I was the only one pestered by these annoying beetles. But I guess everyone in these here parts are swarming with them.  They look similar to ladybugs, but they are NOT!. They don't bite or sting, they fly around and land on everything. You can kill them and sweep up a dozen a day.  I guess they'll be here till April, then come back in October.  Their good for the farmers because they kill aphids, but oh are they nasty to the rest of us!!  I am up to my eyeballs in baby shower preparations today. Tonight I'm making the cake and decorating it in the am. Shower is tomorrow at 3pm. I have to run out today, pick up a gift for my mom, she's under the weather, stuff for punch and last minute stuff. Yesterday I was going to take my white Easter tree and put decorations on it for a centerpiece.  Well, I forgot we had gotten rid of it, so my sweet husband and I went out, in the snow, and cut the perfect branch from one of our trees, and he spray painted it white.  What a guy!!  Will post more later, with some pics.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Football vs Jack

No, we did not watch the football playoffs. We're not big football fans, but will be watching the Superbowl next Sunday. rah rah!!  I was watching the 2nd season of 24. Greg got me all 7 discs so we've been pretty much clued to the couch. He's getting into it also!!  Is the sun ever going to shine?? I know it's been over a week and it's getting real depressing. It really brings out the worst in people. Ho Hum....

I've decided since I've got thousands of digital kits, papers, elements etc. stored in my computer and most of them have been freebies from some really talented and generous people, that I would start by making some quickpages with them and giving them away as freebies.  Hopefully will start some time this week, hopefully you understand, cause it's a busy week for us.  We're going to Champaign one day and Springfield another and I've got baby shower stuff to get done, and my house needs cleaned, so on and so on.  Anyway here's a little layout I made in honor of the game next week.  Paper and elements from my stash and little football player is from PC Crafters.      Pray for the people in Haiti....


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

National Popcorn Day

This has got to be my Favorite National Day!!  Since I love Popcorn. We have it just about every night. Last night we had it and watched Paranormal Activity!!  Don't waste your time, it was definitely a B- movie at best.  Tonight we're going to watch Always, that 80's movie with Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter. One of my favorites, along with popcorn of course.  By the way, my first shift of orientation on the night shift....well lets just say for from 10:30 to 4am we did about 15 minutes worth of work. Then you've got until 4am to 6am to pass pills to 50 old folks and you know what that means at 6 in the morning. They all want to get up and go to the bathroom, or get a shower, or eat, or whatever.  Needless to say this is not what I was hoping for. The day shift was much better, but the position was for I guess I don't have to tell you that was my first and last night there.  I really hated to quit on them, but better while I was on orientation than after, when they really would have been counting on me.  I did have an interview somewhere else this week.  We shall see.  Of course, what I'd rather do is stay home and scrap and make cards, but no retirement in the near future for me.                                                                                                                                     
Stay warm and have some popcorn!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Cute Grandsons

Greg got back okay from Virginia and brought 177 pictures back with him. No, he didn't take that many in 2 days!!  He took a few and then brought Daniel's memory card from his camera, so I print out the pictures and send them back to Dan, and I have them loaded in my computer.  Works out real well!!  Anyway these are just a few of my son and his 3 boys... I really miss them!

This is definitely my grandchild, sleeping anywhere and anytime he can!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

OK, It wasn't as bad as I thought!!!

No, it wasn't that bad, I wanted a slower pace and I got it. I'm just worried about the night shift, I mean how slow do I want it?  I definitely don't want to be bored!! The only negative thing today was the fact that Reubens was the lunch choice today and believe me the smell of sauerkraut and old people just doesn't mix!!  We get free hot meals, but I just couldn't sit and eat with that smell, so I jumped in the car and went through the drive-thru at mickey d's (calorie forgive me !)  I'll be leaving in a couple of hours to pick up hubby at the airport. He said he got lots of pictures, so I'll probably be showing them off here tomorrow. Four grandkids in Virginia, 5 in Minnesota, 1 in Florida.  It's just not fair.  We do have 4 here in Illinois though, and 2 more on the way.  The traveling nurse thing may be calling me again, soon. That was a really great way to spend time with the kids out of state.

Though I'd leave you with a little example of my day!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Soup and a Movie

Here it is Sunday night I'm watching Titantic and eating some potato soup. Greg doesn't really care for it so I made some while he's gone. It's gooood, I don't add the sour cream to mine. When I was a kid my mother made it with just potatoes milk and butter.  We were always allowed to have hot tea the nights we had potato soup.  Go figure!! Which remind me, I never had to drink milk when we had chilli either. Now I wonder what that was all about??  OMG, the Titantic just spyed the iceberg, I bet it's too late!!  I should be going to bed I have to get up at 0500, unthinkable hour for me, but I have to orientate on the day shift for 1 day, then it's on to the night shift. I do like working nights. You don't have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn and if you've got something you need to do during the day you can do it and then sleep later before you go back in to work. I think I've mentioned I'm not crazy about starting there, but will and keep looking in the meantime. I just need a slower pace than the hospital, the stress was starting to be too much and literally making me ill.

I pick Greg up tomorrow night at the airport, I MISS HIM really really bad! 

Till the next time, go fix some soup....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brrrrr it's cold!!

Boy it's cold out here!  And by the sounds of it everywhere else too.  Adam came over and plowed our driveway for us, the roads are all clear.  I don't think it got as bad as it was suppose to.  Very little drifting snow thank goodness. Greg's on his way to Virginia with the car for Daniel.  They can really use it now, 3 boys, 9, 2 and 1.  So they really need the bigger car.  I really wanted to go also, but I start a new job Monday morning, so the timing just wasn't good. I really miss all of them and don't like it when Greg and I are apart either. Anywho I'm watching some more of 24 and making potato soup. I think I'll call my sister and watch some chick flicks. I'm also starting on two new scrapbooks for the new baby grandaughter and baby grandson, except I'm just putting in pages and letting the moms put in the pictures.  I haven't scrapped in a while except for some mini albums I did as gifts and a really cool cookbook for my son and his wife in Virginia.   Stay warm everybody!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Cold Outside!!!!!

I haven't been outside today except to peek out and grab the newspaper!  I'm snug as a bug here inside with the fireplace on and hot coffee.  We are suppose to get some snow tonight, 3-6 inches and blowing winds.  I'm watching the first season of 24 now with that hunk-a-roo Jack Bauer!!  Here's a not so good picture of the baby shower invitations I'm making for my daughter Rebecca's shower.  Her baby girl is due Feb. 28th. So we're busy busy!   I used small blank cards, cut an round oval with a small nestibilities for the neck and then half of the round oval for the leg openings.  Another nestibility for the collars, and then the scalloped oval circle for the trim on collars and around leg openings. They turned out really cute and once I got the first pattern done, they didn't take that much time, one evening and they were done!!

Hope everyone is staying warm and having a great day!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new blog design, a new year!!

I haven't blogged since halloween anyway, so thought I might as well start all over this winter. I love winter and today I'm taking it easy, have been on the lap top all morning, facebook, etc. just catchin up!! I've got baby shower invitations I'm working on for daughter, Rebecca's shower. Her baby girl is due the end of  February. And our other daughter Jennifer's baby boy is due the end of May! I can't wait, like my grandpa use to say, "there should always be a baby in the family at all times."  Here's a couple of layouts from Christmas. One of my grandaughter, Mya and one of me..