Sunday, January 10, 2010

Soup and a Movie

Here it is Sunday night I'm watching Titantic and eating some potato soup. Greg doesn't really care for it so I made some while he's gone. It's gooood, I don't add the sour cream to mine. When I was a kid my mother made it with just potatoes milk and butter.  We were always allowed to have hot tea the nights we had potato soup.  Go figure!! Which remind me, I never had to drink milk when we had chilli either. Now I wonder what that was all about??  OMG, the Titantic just spyed the iceberg, I bet it's too late!!  I should be going to bed I have to get up at 0500, unthinkable hour for me, but I have to orientate on the day shift for 1 day, then it's on to the night shift. I do like working nights. You don't have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn and if you've got something you need to do during the day you can do it and then sleep later before you go back in to work. I think I've mentioned I'm not crazy about starting there, but will and keep looking in the meantime. I just need a slower pace than the hospital, the stress was starting to be too much and literally making me ill.

I pick Greg up tomorrow night at the airport, I MISS HIM really really bad! 

Till the next time, go fix some soup....

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