Friday, January 29, 2010

Those Damn Beetles

I thought I was the only one pestered by these annoying beetles. But I guess everyone in these here parts are swarming with them.  They look similar to ladybugs, but they are NOT!. They don't bite or sting, they fly around and land on everything. You can kill them and sweep up a dozen a day.  I guess they'll be here till April, then come back in October.  Their good for the farmers because they kill aphids, but oh are they nasty to the rest of us!!  I am up to my eyeballs in baby shower preparations today. Tonight I'm making the cake and decorating it in the am. Shower is tomorrow at 3pm. I have to run out today, pick up a gift for my mom, she's under the weather, stuff for punch and last minute stuff. Yesterday I was going to take my white Easter tree and put decorations on it for a centerpiece.  Well, I forgot we had gotten rid of it, so my sweet husband and I went out, in the snow, and cut the perfect branch from one of our trees, and he spray painted it white.  What a guy!!  Will post more later, with some pics.

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