Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brrrrr it's cold!!

Boy it's cold out here!  And by the sounds of it everywhere else too.  Adam came over and plowed our driveway for us, the roads are all clear.  I don't think it got as bad as it was suppose to.  Very little drifting snow thank goodness. Greg's on his way to Virginia with the car for Daniel.  They can really use it now, 3 boys, 9, 2 and 1.  So they really need the bigger car.  I really wanted to go also, but I start a new job Monday morning, so the timing just wasn't good. I really miss all of them and don't like it when Greg and I are apart either. Anywho I'm watching some more of 24 and making potato soup. I think I'll call my sister and watch some chick flicks. I'm also starting on two new scrapbooks for the new baby grandaughter and baby grandson, except I'm just putting in pages and letting the moms put in the pictures.  I haven't scrapped in a while except for some mini albums I did as gifts and a really cool cookbook for my son and his wife in Virginia.   Stay warm everybody!!

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